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All of our products are made with 100% Vermont, organically grown, CO2 extracted hemp and natural terpenes. All of our CBD oil is third-party lab tested for quality and consistency before receiving our label!



Northeast Kingdom Hemp Organic & Full-Spectrum Vermont CBD

Northeast Kingdom Hemp is based in Barton Vermont, and we’re proud to say that our CBD oil and flower products are all made from Vermont grown hemp that comes from right here on our family farm.  Not only are our CBD products Vermont grown by Vermont’s own, but our maple nips have pure VT maple syrup that comes from the same land that our hemp is grown on!


Calling All Chocolate Lovers

Looking for a CBD edible?  We’ve partnered with Rabble-Rouser to make delicious CBD chocolates! People of all ages are flocking to this mouth watering milk and dark chocolate to enjoy it for different reasons often related to sleep, anxiety or pain.

The purity and magic of our CBD combines with the very same qualities of Rabble Rouser’s Central American cocoa to produce a rich balance of spirit and taste unlike any other we’ve found.



We are four generations strong on this land and feel blessed to be growing here, together.

Meet Our Family + Farm.

"What a great family company with a pure, natural product. This is our first encounter with their product and it has shown to be the quality we are used to from large Colorado manufacturers... We are excited to find that this product is not only local, but fits our budget and we look forward to working with them. If you think CBD might be for you, contact them and they will give you all the info you need.”


Buy Whole CBD Flower from Vermont: BaOx, Cherry Wine, and our own Barton Mountain Blend

Our Green Mountain Gold 1 Ounce Flower can be purchased with either BaOx, Cherry Wine, or our Barton Mountain Blend hemp strain. All of our hemp ranges from about 9 percent to 13 percent CBD, while never containing more than 0.3% THC. You can also buy our CBD flower as pre-rolls, or instead of 1 ounce, you can buy a quarter once, a pound of CBD buds, or a pound of ground CBD flower which is great for making your own edibles.

Vermont CBD Oil Drops Available in Maple, Berry, and Natural Flavors

We’ve got some amazing Vermont CBD Oil Tinctures available for sale in a variety of different flavors. Our Berry and Maple flavored CBD oil drops are perfect for those who may want something different than the taste of hemp while our natural CBD oil tincture comes with no added flavor.

Your Horse Will Benefit From Our Equine CBD Oil

This potent, lightly spearmint flavored CBD oil for horses has been created specifically for horses or other large mammals as the whole bottle contains about 3000mg of CBD. We know that horses have Endocannabinoid Systems just like humans do, meaning that they can see the same benefits from taking CBD oil that we do. More and more horse owners and even dog owners are using hemp derived CBD oil to help out with pain relief and other issues.


Learn about all of the positive results from taking CBD oil. There are many reasons why someone would want to introduce CBD into their life.

vermont hemp

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