The time for CBD to enter the sporting world is upon us. Most pro sports leagues are relaxing rules for cannabis by raising the threshold of allowed THC. The NHL no longer even punishes players for a “failed” test. With MLB following suit and both NBA and NFL negotiating new collective bargaining agreements, 2020 could be the year that all four major sports end stigma of cannabis use. The American Bar Association predicts that pending lawsuits and public opinion will place great pressure on owners to allow players to use some forms of cannabis instead of opiates.

But it is not just the big US sports where cannabis is gaining ground. In Golf, Soccer, Tennis, MMA, Track & Field, Triathalon, we are seeing top athletes around the world advocate cannabis use. In effect, the use of full-spectrum CBD is now acceptable because the THC threshold is so high that products with .3% THC will not matter. In fact, the 2020 Olympics will most certainly have a number of athletes using CBD products. The 2020 Olympics represents the first games in which athletes can legally use CBD without fear of consequence.

“The World Anti-Doping Agency, or WADA, tests for a metabolized form of THC. Before the change, the agency set the Olympic drug testing limit at 15 nanograms per milliliter of blood. That led to numerous failed tests and suspensions, as 15 ng THC-COOH can be detected days or even weeks after consuming a single joint. While WADA’s 2013 adjustment to the limit certainly hasn’t granted permission for athletes to consume at the Olympics, the new limit of 150 ng is a surprisingly reasonable change.”

Even the very conservative NCAA has raised THC testing threshold so that second-hand smoke does not trigger test failure. That is not to say all athletes will have it easy, minor league baseball players not protected by the union will get suspended without pay for lower levels. But the trend in sports is to accept higher levels of THC, which makes CBD a safe choice for even the top athletes. Of course, make sure to buy only the best third-party tested, organic, full-spectrum CBD oils from a trustworthy producer like NEK Hemp. Cannabis and sports are a natural match and finally, the rules are catching up with reality. As you watch the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, keep in mind that many of the world’s elite athletes can finally use CBD for recovery and relief.


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