CBD and Menopause?

Today, I turn 53, on International Women’s Day, so it seems like the perfect day to finish this blog.  I decided to publish now, perfect later.  I want to share a little bit of the story behind our latest product, CBD for ME.  

Have you ever googled CBD and menopause?  Not surprisingly you can find articles, opinions, and advertisements on this topic. You will even find some reports that as many as one in three women have turned to hemp products for a natural solution to mid-life challenges.

Being the wife of Farmer Cam, and co-owner of Northeast Kingdom Hemp, it probably comes as no surprise that I would look to CBD for its overall health benefits.  For me, our full spectrum, organic oils have been providing some relief of aches and pains, eased my restless legs, and provided me with good energy for a few years now. 

Then, along came menopause…

 As I found myself losing my cool with my husband and two sons, I also found that I felt much calmer after ingesting my morning CBD.  I credited CBD with my ability to live and work with my husband and two grown sons, with nobody getting hurt!

I knew that CBD oil was helping to keep my night sweats and hot flashes to a minimum, but it was anxiety, like none I had ever experienced before, that eventually caused me to question whether or not CBD was enough.  A friend suggested that I should be using black cohosh for my menopause symptoms, so I started adding black cohosh extract to my daily routine.  Wanting to keep things simple, I asked my son, Camden, if he could make a blend of our full spectrum CBD and black cohosh for me in NEK Hemp’s lab.  We experimented with a few different formulations, trying to find the best black cohosh extract to combine with our oil, and I started using the products that we made.  

I also started talking with other women my age and reading about what to expect during this time in my life.  Things start changing and you wonder what is wrong with you.   Some start blaming everything that doesn’t feel quite right on menopause.  Whether it is weight gain, irritability, or memory loss, you start to have the feeling that you are falling apart, and yet you have always been able keep it all together.  I found that I was not alone, and many women that I talked to urged me to market the product that I was using.

Being a reading specialist by training, and a hemp farmer by marriage, I didn’t feel qualified to create such a specialized product, yet I knew this could be life-changing for other  women at this critical time in their lives.  That is why I decided to collaborate with Flower.  Flower Toomey is a master herbalist with a PH.D. in Holistic Health, and even more importantly, she is someone who I trusted and whose products are made with the utmost integrity and love.

Flower formulated this blend of herbs over 25 years ago for peri to post-menopausal women as a remedy for all symptoms of menopause.   In her words “It’s a combination of herbs which balance and treat hormone fluctuations, estrogen loss, hot flashes, night sweats, trouble sleeping, mood swings, anxiety, weight gain, lack of calcium absorption, and memory function. This tonic formula has been used as an alternative to Hormone Replacement Therapy. It does not raise estrogen levels, but nourishes and supports your body, while moving through this powerful and sacred time. It has long been known of the positive healing effects of Black Cohosh, MotherWort, and Chaste Tree Berry for a woman journeying through the stages of Menopause. This trilogy, along with Red Clover, peppermint, lemon balm and sage assists with shifts of flow and bodily changes.” 

Flower has used this formula with thousands of women and seen amazing success! This triple extracted menopause formula, combined with Northeast Kingdom Hemp’s full-spectrum CBD oil ultimately became the product I named, CBD for Me.

 CBD for Me helps me to stay as emotionally and physically balanced as I can be. I have great energy almost every day, and I sleep soundly every night.  I live in a household with three men, and I work along-side them every day, after putting in six hours teaching at a local public school. Do I still lose my patience with them once in a while?  Well I am not a saint!  But I do know that since starting to use CBD for ME my menopausal symptoms have been minimal, including no more severe panic attacks, no night sweats and virtually no hot flashes.   Not all women experience menopause symptoms at the same level, and maybe this product won’t work for everyone, but I truly believe it is helping me to sail through this period of my life, without throwing anyone overboard.  Maybe I am just one of the lucky ones, but I am not willing to take any chances.  I will keep using CBD for ME and happily share my story with anyone who is interested.

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CBD and Menopause?

Today, I turn 53, on International Women’s Day, so it seems like the perfect day to finish this blog.  I decided to publish now, perfect later.  I want to share a little bit of the story behind our latest product, CBD for ME.   Have you ever googled CBD and menopause?  Not surprisingly you can find articles, opinions, and

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