People ask, what are the benefits of using our CBD soaps and bath bombs? Besides the incredible aroma and overall enjoyment factor, it is truly amazing for skin health. By immersing your body in the CBD rich lather, your skin is soothed and calmed. If your skin feels itchy, dry, burned, inflamed, then you will see benefits. You will also have a great night’s sleep after bathing in CBD.

In addition, evidence suggests CBD oil can be beneficial for those with acne or hyperpigmentation and scarring attributed to breakouts. “Given the fact that CBD is anti-inflammatory and acne is an inflammatory condition for many people, along with the fact that it downregulates the production of oil, I actually think somebody that suffers from acne would benefit from CBD oil,” she says, adding that it can help heal up those post-breakout dark spots, too.

Source: CBD oil skin care just hit the shelves at Sephora — here is what a dermatologist thinks of the ingredient