CBD facial oil for complexion

Humans have an incredible variety of skin types, but one thing we have in common is the desire for a healthy complexion. CBD Facial Oil can help us all look our best. Of course, we should all be skeptical of claims that a product has “anti-aging” properties. Still, there are reasons to believe that CBD oil can make such a difference without the side effects of other more invasive means. “The ECS regulates numerous physiological functions, including cellular apoptosis (cell death), a process that allows the body to eliminate aging and damaged cells, enabling regenerated cells to take their place.” As such, enhancing the ECS with topical full-spectrum CBD helps prevent dysregulation of the skin. The application of of NEK Hemp’s CBD Rose Facial oil bolsters anti-inflammatory and regenerative properties of the skin. While you may not look “younger” per se, you will have a complexion with less dryness, redness, itch, and irritation. By decreasing inflammation, CBD oil has shown the potential to help alleviate Psoriasis, Eczema, Acne, Rosacea, and even Sunburn. Given the lack of research (due to legal limits), there is still much to learn about how CBD can help with skin ailments. Nonetheless, we know enough to conclude that there is something behind the trend. Experts agree there is very little risk to using CBD facial oil. The only way to find out if it works for your complexion is to try.



What to Know About CBD Skin-Care Products

CBD For Rosacea: Possible Effects Of CBD On Rosacea


Is There Literally Any Reason for CBD to Be in Your Skin-Care Products?

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