We started giving our ten year old golden retriever, Digger, CBD oil several months ago, in hopes that it would help with his aches and pains.  It wasn’t long before we noticed an improvement in his ability to get up and get moving in the mornings.  His coat also seemed to improve.  We found several articles supporting the use of CBD for pets.  Soon people started asking us for a Northeast Kingdom Hemp CBD product especially for pets.  We decided on our Healthy Pet CBD oil because we believe that it gives pet owners options. They can place it directly in their pet’s mouth, put it in their food, or add it to any special treat that their dog or cat enjoys.  It wasn’t long before we started hearing back from satisfied pet owners about the positive effects our CBD oil was having on their furry friends.  So as much as we always encourage people to do their own research about CBD products, I just had to share some of the photos and comments we have received from satisfied pet owners.  We love the stories that people share with us about the changes they see in their pets.  Here are a few of our Healthy Pet friends from three different states!  It may not be real research, but it means a lot to us!  For more information about CBD for Pets go to https://sacredplant.theultimatesystem.com/e/vd?J14A8L

Baylee, Connecticut

“I just can’t describe how thankful we are for this product! Our sweet Baylee Boy is 14 years old and was getting very anxious and confused. A friend recommended your product and brought some back from VT with her for us to try. It has been a true game changer for Baylee. He has gone from so anxious he was having accidents, pacing and darting from the house to calm, engaged and even playful at times. His appetite has regulated too!

So thankful that he is more comfortable and enjoying life again”

Dexter, New Jersey

Emma, Maine

“Emma was without CBD for about a week and the difference was remarkable! She was walking stiff-legged, was reluctant to walk at all. When she sat or laid down she was not able to get up without assistance.  I gave her 4 mg of CBD and within 3 hrs she was getting up without assistance, moving around more and looking happy!”

“I was not sure if it was helping until I saw how miserable she was without it.”