Coffee and CBD are a perfect match, as they bring out the best in each other. Coffee boosts alertness, energy, and metabolism, which is why most Americans consume the beverage as part of their daily routine. However, coffee can produce anxiety, jitters, upset stomach, and disrupt sleep patterns. CBD can mitigate the negative side effects of caffeine by relieving anxiety, calming nerves, settling belly, and allowing the body to achieve restful sleep. The combination is the best of both worlds, energizing the consumer’s mind and body while relieving stress and restlessness.

In terms of the dose of CBD, we suggest as always to go low and slow. Start with around 10mg and see how it makes you feel. Most folks find that 10-20mg is an effective dose of Full Spectrum CBD oil. You can use any of our tinctures to supplement your coffee or tea. You can also try one of our NEW Cafe Dispensers, 2000mg of CBD that can be easily added to your coffee in reliable doses.

You will notice that the oil does not mix with water without a little stirring. The MCT coconut oil base of our tincture adds an unexpected sweetness and fattiness, so for a healthier cup of joe, try using less cream and sugar. MCT is also good for you as it contains healthy fatty acids.

It is important to note that CBD does degrade in high temperatures, so it is best to add to coffee that is not scalding hot. Let the coffee cool a little before adding the CBD.

Keep an eye out for more local cafes offering our delicious CBD as an add-on to your coffee or tea!

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