Artisanal hemp growers strive for small-batch, hand-tended, carefully cured, high-quality flower. In other words, hemp farmers looking to sell craft flower need to have a close relationship with every plant. This hands-on process starts at the cloning or seeding stage, through the transplanting phase, fertilizing, watering, pruning, inspecting, harvesting, curing, storing, and finally hand trimming. The mindful farmer spends time with each Cannabis Sativa plant, using natural and sustainable methods to attain the best final product from healthy soil. Many farmers will claim to be craft due to the higher value, but only smaller-scale community-oriented operations can deliver. Learn how your farmer grows their flower. At NEK Hemp we use all organic ingredients, no plastic mulch, no-till, and rotate crops for sustainability. We hire local labor to harvest, cure our flower low and slow, vacuum seal each harvest to preserve terpenes, and hand trim the hemp buds for the best tasting craft flower on the market.

Source: Marijuana Business Magazine | August 2019