When NEK Hemp grew their first crop a few summers ago, there was hope for big profits. However, the market for high-quality hemp proved to be more complicated. Hemp biomass must be processed into CBD oil, and the capacity in New England was much less than needed to serve Vermont farmers. After much consideration, NEK Hemp decided to purchase a Green Mills superfluid critical CO2 extractor and lab equipment to process several thousand pounds. This investment has already paid dividends as NEK Hemp has extracted not only more hemp than ever before, but the final product quality has never been better.

With all the hemp being grown in Vermont this summer, many folks are curious what will happen come harvest time. Some of the buyers have already evaporated. Others are offering lower prices for hemp than initially promised. Hemp processors are booked out for the next year so what are hemp growers to do? Farmers looking to process their 2019 harvest should plan on properly curing and storing their hemp, to preserve biomass until it can be extracted. Given the lack of capacity, it will take a while before much of the hemp will be processed. For those looking for local options for extraction and processing, feel free to contact lab@nekhemp.com.


VT Digger: Lack of hemp processing capacity hurts sales for growers