Another question that we get asked often is,  “How much CBD should I take?”  Like most other questions surrounding CBD, this one doesn’t have a simple, one-size-fits-all answer.  If you start by looking at the label on a particular brand of CBD product you may, or may not, find any answer at all!  Remember that not all CBD is created equally and not all one ounce bottles contain the same amount of CBD.  Start by knowing as much as you can about the product that you are using.  Hopefully the label can help you to figure out how much to consume in order to achieve the desired dosage of CBD.  If that is the case, the next question is, “What is my desired dosage?”  For this one, you may want to do some research.  As with everything else in America, it seems like more and more companies are acting on the idea that more is always better.  From the research that I have done, that is not always the case with CBD.  Studies are finding that some people may notice effects from CBD with as little as a 2.5mg dose.  Others require 5, 10, 20 or even more milligrams per day in order to reach their desired outcome.  This can all be affected by a persons age, weight, health condition, etc.  The best advice that I can give to people is first, to do your own research about CBD in general.  Second, learn as much as you can about the particular brand or product that you decide to try.  Third, choose a starting point and work toward finding your own “sweet spot”, the point where you are feeling the positive effects of CBD, but not taking more than is necessary.  Remember that CBD is not a miracle cure, it may help some people more than others, but is not known to have negative side effects.  Considering all of the positive feedback that we personally get, and what the research is proving, you really have nothing to lose by giving CBD a try (except the expense of that first bottle!). With an open mind and a positive attitude so many people are finding that CBD can have a positive impact on their health.  Even if I wasn’t a producer of CBD products, my experience would lead me to recommend CBD to all my friends and family.  If you are looking for more information about our products, please contact us.  If you would like more information about how much CBD to take, please visit for a look at their dosing guide.  And remember to always check with your healthcare provider for specific advice about your use of CBD.