CBD is mainstream. Everyone is becoming aware of the many benefits of hemp extracts. A big part of the trend is the recent 2018 Farm Bill which has legitimized and legally sanctioned hemp industry.

According to The Week, America has CBD Mania. The popularity is booming, but a 2017 University of Pennsylvania study examined CBD products and found that nearly 70 percent were ­mislabeled, with incorrect dosage and concentrations. According to the experts in Boston Globe, the best way to ensure safe consumption of CBD products is to:

Purchase branded products only from a reputable company that has experience in manufacturing and production.

Understand where and how the hemp that the CBD is coming from is sourced.

Request the batch-testing results from the manufacturer associated with the specific product. Testing results will confirm the potency and purity of the product.

In that vein, NEK Hemp will be distributing all of our products with a QR code which displays Test Certification.