Since we started growing hemp three summers ago, we have only used organic methods in the fields.  But even years before that, our family farm was managed sustainably.  We are stewards of the land and intend to keep farming for generations.  There are many important aspects of our organic practices.  We test our soil then carefully select the ideal organic amendments to build soil fertility.  We use a no-till method to protect the soil from erosion and we don’t use plastic row covers that dry out the soil requiring irrigation.  We use green cover crops and crop rotation to replenish the soil.  We use biological and mechanical controls to keep pest populations in check.  We do not use any chemicals on our plants.

Recently, our farm was certified by a third party to meet the Vermont Organic standards.  We are proud to say that we were certified as a grower of hemp, as a processor of hemp, and as a hemp product maker.  Our hemp flower is 100% organic and our entire product line meets organic definition of 95% organic ingredients.