On project CBD, origins and authenticity

A recent New York Times article was published about the origin of www.ProjectCBD.org.  This is a site we have visited countless times over the course of the last four years. It is where we send others in search of information and research about CBD.  We have always felt like we could trust the information on project CBD’s website.  In this article  “A Hidden Origin Story of the CBD Craze” (https://www.nytimes.com/2020/05/23/sunday-review/coronavirus-cbd-oil.html?action=click&module=Opinion&pgtype=Homepage) we get a glimpse at who the people are who started it all, and we learn why they felt compelled to “educate the public about its (CBD’s) promising benefits”.

This article reminds us of how important it is for people to have faith in the products, and the people behind the products, that they are purchasing.  It left us feeling satisfied, knowing that at NEK Hemp:

  • We use only the best and safest practices and ingredients to produce the highest quality products.
  • We urge people to do their own research before selecting a CBD source.
  • We welcome visitors to our website www.nekhemp.com to contact us with any questions they may have about our products or our process.
  • We are confident that our products can hold their own against any others on the market.
  • We believe that it matters where your CBD comes from.
  •  We invite you to know your farmer.
  • We are proud that people have referred to us as “authentic”.
  • We are in this for the right reasons.

The Northeast Kingdom Hemp crew might be small, but we are mighty, and we are committed to the vision of those who started it all.

Before CBD for pets was cool

In the May 28, 2020 edition of Hemp Industry Daily ( https://hempindustrydaily.com/sizzling-cbd-pet-market-sees-soaring-sales-adoption-by-mainstream-brick-and-mortar-retailers/?utm_medium=email&utm_source=newsletter&utm_campaign=HEMP_20200528_Daily&elqTrackId=28F767CE971501E6193D727FDE2331C1&elq=5fc0c0c60eb647bda9a1585016ece56a&elqaid=3419&elqat=1&elqCampaignId=2446 you can read about the increased number of pet owners and veterinarians who are

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How Hemp is Handled Matters

In Vermont 2019 has become known as the Great Hemp Boom.  It seems like everyone has a neighbor, friend, or relative who has tried growing hemp.  I guess that makes the idea of knowing your farmer a pretty easy feat to accomplish. So, what else should you take into consideration when purchasing hemp

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How should you choose a CBD brand?

How Should You Choose a CBD Brand? Part One These days CBD products can be found almost everywhere.  There are so many brands that have come onto the scene in a relatively short time that it is hard to keep up.  There are those that have been around since the beginning, and

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CBD and Menopause?

Today, I turn 53, on International Women’s Day, so it seems like the perfect day to finish this blog.  I decided to publish now, perfect later.  I want to share a little bit of the story behind our latest product, CBD for ME.   Have you ever googled CBD and menopause?  Not surprisingly you

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