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Trust the Experts Vermont Grown by Vermont's Own

Our hemp strain is very high in CBD with a 20:1 ratio.  Our plants all fall under .3% THC, but maintain many other therapeutic cannabinoids.  These specialized hemp cultivars are grown with love by our family using organic methods, ensuring the highest quality Hemp possible. We only use the cleanest extraction methods in order to most efficiently extract all of the compounds from the entire hemp plant.

We love what we do, and we hope that comes across in all of our products.  If you’re interested in wholesaling our products, please click the button below!

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"I've tried 3 other brands and yours is the best - freshest taste, no bitterness and effective within 20 minutes. I have been using your tincture for back pain and noticed that it also helped with anxiety, so I am continuing through the holidays."


Hi just want to thank you!! My gramps shoulders have always hurt him after years of electrical work and we have tried everything.. your lotion was the first treatment that’s actually took away the pain and went deep. THANK YOU!!

R. Miller