Love From Our Canine Family

"This is one happy traveling dog again thanks to the NEK Hemp Berry CBD Oil.  Thanks!!!"

- Dexter's Parents

From Anxious to Playful Baylee Boy

“I just can’t describe how thankful we are for this product! Our sweet Baylee Boy is 14 years old and was getting very anxious and confused. A friend recommended your product and brought some back from VT with her for us to try. It has been a true game changer for Baylee. He has gone from so anxious he was having accidents, pacing and darting from the house to calm, engaged and even playful at times. His appetite has regulated too! So thankful that he is more comfortable and enjoying life again”

"Your CBD for pets is awesome.  Last night it came in handy when my dog heard fireworks.  It calmed him right down."

- Family of Rigby

Walking Success Emma

“Emma was without CBD for about a week and the difference was remarkable! She was walking stiff-legged, was reluctant to walk at all. When she sat or laid down she was not able to get up without assistance.  I gave her 4 mg of CBD and within 3 hrs she was getting up without assistance, moving around more and looking happy!”