Formulated specially for women, this blend of all-natural, wildcrafted ingredients, popular for promoting a woman’s physical and emotional wellbeing, is combined with our organic CBD Oil.  It is meant to help maintain an overall healthy balance. Stay calm, cool, and rested, as you embrace this journey. After all, it is all about you!


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1 review for CBD FOR ME 750MG

  1. Teresa

    Having tried several homeopathic remedies for the hot flashes and miseries of menopause, I was skeptical, but I didn’t have anything to lose. It worked! After just a week, I was down to less than 3 hot flashes a day from 20+, and they weren’t nearly as powerful! After 3 weeks, I have been able to sustain this progress, and I’m sleeping through the night again. Thanks, Karen and Cam!

    • nekhempadmin

      We are so happy to hear that you have gotten relief, and even more important, that it is lasting! Thanks so much for sharing.

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