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Buy one ounce of Vermont CBD flower. Our organically grown, high CBD hemp is available for sale in 3 different strains: Honolulu Haze, BaOx, and our own cross Barton Mountain Blend.

Our Vermont grown hemp plants range in their percentage of CBD from 9% to 13%. The terpenes are noticeable in our Honolulu Haze strain. The BaOx strain of hemp is a cross between Otto II and Hindu Kush known for it’s woody flavor that also smells sweet with a hint of lemon. And finally, our very own Barton Mountain Blend is a cross strain that we’ve created by choosing the healthiest and most successful mother plants in our crop. Know your CBD: View Test Certification Below

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Buy Hemp Flower From Local, Organic Vermont Farmers No Matter Where You Are!

These golden bags contain 1oz hemp flower. Our organically grown and processed Vermont CBD flower is useful for smoking, inhaling as vapor, or for making your own CBD edibles and tinctures. Our whole hemp flower comes straight to you from our Northern Vermont farm. The organic hemp flower for sale ranges in CBD percentages from 9-13%, a particularly high CBD content for maximum effect. We offer three different strains of artisan CBD flower for three different flavor profiles and experiences.

We Have Legal CBD Flower From Vermont For Sale Online!

We’ve got several strains of organic hemp flower buds currently available at : Honolulu Haze, BaOx, and our own original crossbreed, the Barton Mountain Blend. Honolulu Haze is our newest strain delivering nice smokeable flower and a solid CBD percentage; the terpenes (plant hydrocarbons found in conifers and citrus) really pop in this CBD strain.  BaOx is a cross of Otto II and Hindu Kush, it has a sweet and woody flavor with notes of lemon. Barton Mountain Blend is our own cross strain that we perfected by selecting mother plants that performed the best. This strain is great if you’re looking for hemp flower with Vermont terroir.

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BoAx, Honolulu Haze, Barton Mountain Blend