Berry Flavor CBD Tincture (250mg)

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Enjoy our Berry CBD Tincture (250mg); a full spectrum CBD oil that contains 250mg of CBD in a 29.6mL bottle.  The natural berry mix adds a delicious flavor to the CBD oil experience.

This 250mg full spectrum tincture is comfortable and soothing.  Each dropper delivers a gently effective amount of plant support with the flavor of mixed berries.  Our full spectrum CBD oil consists of a full range of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids that work together with CBD for optimal response in the body.

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Northeast Kingdom Hemp

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Why Choose NEK Hemp’s 250mg Berry Flavored Full-Spectrum CBD Tincture?

If you seek a gentle-strength dose of CBD with a delicious mixed-berry taste, enjoy our 250mg Berry tincture.  This gluten free and vegan full-spectrum oil is grown organically on our family farm and produced with small batch CO2 extraction.  It’s pure and rich with all the natural health benefits of over 100 cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids.  Want the Healthiest, gentle-strength, true full spectrum CBD with a delightful berry flavor?  Northeast Kingdom Hemp 250mg Berry CBD tincture is for you!

How Do We Extract CBD OIL?

This Berry CBD tincture contains hemp oil made using small batch multi-chamber CO2 extraction.  This is the best chemical-free method to preserve and capture CBD and the healthy minor cannabiniods, terpenes, and flavonoids that all work together for optimum benefit in the body.  The precise extraction yields an oil with a fresh clean taste, which is then combined with organic berry flavored oil and organic MCT oil.  There are no artificial flavorings or additives. This is how we make the Healthiest Full Spectrum CBD Oils.

Just place the contents of a dropper under your tongue and hold in place for 30 or more seconds.  Then swallow, take a deep breath, and enjoy!

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