Berry Flavor CBD Tincture (500mg)

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This Berry Flavored CBD Tincture has an inviting mixed berry flavor and aroma for those who want something a bit different than our natural hemp or maple flavored products.

Containing 1 fl oz. of full-spectrum CBD oil and 500mg of total CBD, this tincture makes for an enjoyable and tasty way to incorporate CBD into your daily routine!
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Berry Flavored Full-Spectrum CBD Oil From Vermont

This mixed-berry flavored CBD oil is made using our own full-spectrum oil which is extracted from hemp plants grown right here on our farm in Barton, Vermont. The team here at Northeast Kingdom Hemp is a mix of fourth generation Vermonters who take great pride in their work, the hemp strains we grow, and the CBD products we produce.

Our Berry CBD Tincture Is Made With Hemp Grown Here in the Northeast Kingdom

Our hemp plants are grown using organic practices so that we can produce the best hemp-infused possible. Our extraction methods include the use of highly pressurized CO2 with no petrochemical residues or chemicals of any kind, for that matter. At the end of the process, we are left with a full-spectrum oil containing a full suite of cannabinoids and terpenoids along with dry hemp fibers and flowers.

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Weight 4.6 oz
Dimensions 1.25 × 1.25 × 4 in
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