Maple CBD Tincture (500mg)

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Our Maple Flavored CBD Tincture has a nice, well-balanced maple flavor that isn’t overpowering, along with a pleasant maple scent which simply adds a bit more Vermont to the CBD oil experience.

Made with our full-spectrum oil, this product comes with our standard test certification to ensure that you know your CBD.
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Maple Flavored CBD Oil From Vermont

Made with VT maple syrup and our own Northeast Kingdom-grown hemp, our Maple CBD Tincture truly is a Vermont product. Our hemp farmers here at Northeast Kingdom Hemp consist of one of four generations who grew up right here in the Green Mountain State and our maple syrup is collected and produced on the same land as our hemp fields.

Our Full-Spectrum Maple CBD Tincture Is Made With Our Own Hemp Strains

At Northeast Kingdom Hemp, the hemp strains that we grow come in at about a 20:1 CBD to THC ratio. They are high in CBD and fall under the .3% THC threshold, meaning that the hemp we grow and process is not psychoactive and will not get you high. We also extract the cannabis right here in Barton, Vermont using the cleanest and most effective extraction techniques in order to maximize our yields and extract each and every compound found in our cannabis plants.

Proud Hemp Farmers Based in Barton, VT

As Vermont farmers producing Vermont products, we strive to give back to our community with every step of our process by ensuring that our practices don’t harm, but rather assist and revitalize the land that surrounds us.

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