vermont hemp


$150/hour Hemp Consulting

Are you looking to start growing hemp, harvesting hemp, curing and storing hemp, extracting CBD from hemp, processing CBD oil, or formulating CBD products?

Talk to us to see how we can help.

Minimum 20 pounds CBD Extraction

We use our powerful Carbon Dioxide Extractor for super- and sub- critical fluid extraction of your hemp. We are able to control parameters (temperature, pressure, flow rate) for optimal extraction of both cannabinoids and terpenoids.

Ask us what we can do to turn your raw plant material into high-CBD oleo resin.

$500 Minimum CBD Oil Processing

We have the tools to process your extracted hemp resin into CBD oil.  We winterize at 20 below and filter out waxes under vacuum, then clarify by removing chlorophyl with activated carbon, before reclaiming ethanol to create a beautiful amber CBD oil.

Talk to us to get pure full-spectrum oil.

$500 Minimum Product Formulation

Once we have the pure oil, we decarboxylate to activate CBD in neutral form that is bioavailable. Finally, we test decarbed oil to determine cannabinoid concentrations for proper dose and compliance.

Inquire about products you are interested in creating.