Bernie breaks out laughing in rabble-rouser chocolate shop

Bernie Sanders visited an artisan chocolate maker in Vermont that is making healthier CBD chocolates. Rabble-Rouser Chocolate & Crafts (formerly Nutty Steph’s) is infusing chocolate bars and hearts with the highest-grade CBD oils from a small family farm in Vermont called Northeast Kingdom Hemp. Rabble-Rouser also makes Bernie Bars and another new chocolate that gets Bernie to laugh.

Bernie breaks out laughing when he learns about a new Rabble-Rouser project but then quickly becomes “Serious-Bernie” again. After an initial speech about how Rabble-Rouser is an example of a future of locally-produced high-quality goods made by socially and environmentally responsible small businesses, Bernie bursts out laughing when told about Rabble-Rouser’s project to support Planned Parenthood by making 100,000 chocolate vulvas. After a few moments of laughter, he abruptly switches back to being serious and talks about threats to Planned Parenthood’s funding and the importance of Rabble-Rouser’s support.

Rabble-Rouser CBD chocolates are healthier because they’re made with organic full-spectrum CBD oils from Northeast Kingdom Hemp. The complex flavors and purity of Northeast Kingdom Hemp’s CBD oil combines with the very same qualities of Rabble-Rouser Chocolate’s Central American cocoa to produce a rich balance of spirit and taste that’s uniquely delightful. The Rabble-Rouser CBD dark chocolate bar ($15) contains 90 mg of Northeast Kingdom Hemp’s CBD. It breaks into 18 equal-sized squares for measured consumption. Northeast Kingdom Hemp CBD oil is also infused into five varieties of Rabble-Rouser CBD chocolate hearts ($3 each, 4 for $10): dark chocolate, milk chocolate, orange dark chocolate, peppermint, and caramelized.

The pristine Northeastern Corner of Vermont is lovingly called “the Northeast Kingdom.” Here, the Northeast Kingdom Hemp family ensures the highest quality by completing the entire CBD oil production process right on their small farm. In every step, from organic sustainable farming through precise small-batch CO2 extraction, they grow, preserve, and capture the more than 80 active compounds naturally found in hemp. The result is healthier CBD oils that are teeming with CBC, CBG, CBN, terpenes and flavonoids.

You may choose Rabble-Rouser CBD chocolates for the combined benefits of antioxidant flavonoids and anandamide in cocoa and the active constituents in full-spectrum CBD. You will enjoy the sense of wellbeing and improved mood promoted by anandamide added to the pain relief, sense of calm, reduced anxiety, and enhanced focus supported by CBD for an optimal total state of mind. If you’re a chocolate lover, on the other hand, you may just consider Rabble-Rouser CBD chocolates to be a delicious way to have your daily Northeast Kingdom Hemp CBDs.

Rabble-Rouser CBD Chocolate can be purchased online at or at Rabble-Rouser’s store in Montpelier, Vermont. You can get Rabble-Rouser’s chocolate vulvas and Bernie bars at their store or at

About Rabble-Rouser Chocolate

Rabble-Rouser Chocolate & Craft Co. makes incredible chocolate with top-quality beans. We create Vermont granola and other handcrafted delights. Our goods are distributed directly to food coops and independent grocers across Vermont and sold fresh at our factory store that feature the sweet aroma of free chocolate samples and toasty maple pistachio toffee. We, the workers, own the business, making the chocolate by hand and serving it with love. Here at, find food to nourish yourself in this frenzied life. We believe the act of making a really nice treat, or serving it, or eating it, or giving it away, constitutes some of the simple medicine of being human. We invite you, our customers, to take a delicious bite, spread some love, cause some trouble, and eat great chocolate.

About Northeast Kingdom Hemp

Northeast Kingdom Hemp is a family farm producing full-spectrum CBD oils and other hemp products in Barton, Vermont. Four generations of family farmers – all born and raised in Vermont – lovingly tend all the hemp on our USDA Certified Organic farm. We follow sustainable practices to grow pure and healthy hemp plants. We do all the processing of our hemp, including small-batch supercritical CO2 extraction, so our CBD oils have the highest-quality and purity, and are teeming with healthy hemp constituents that would be lost in industrial scale production. Because we perform the entire process from planting to bottling right on the farm, we know that every step is done right to give you the purest and healthiest CBD oils available.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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