It is hard to believe that today is Thanksgiving, although looking outside it looks more like Christmas here in the Northeast Kingdom.  Nearly a year has gone by since we introduced our very first, Vermont grown by Vermont’s Own, CBD product.  We are so thankful for the family, friends, healthcare providers and retail partners who have helped us to survive this first year.  We have met so many people in this new and fast-paced industry.  We are thankful for the friendships we have made and the lessons we have learned along the way.  We have encountered SO many awesome people who have believed in us enough to get to know our products and our process, and to try them for themselves.  We are extremely thankful for our customers and the feedback that many of them have shared with us.  When someone loves our products and introduces them to their family members or friends that is the best testimony we can ask for.  So, today and everyday, we are so grateful for all of the people we encounter everyday.  Whether we meet you in person, talk with you on the phone, or have a virtual conversation, every encounter is helping to make us who we are as Northeast Kingdom Hemp.  We wish everyone a happy and peaceful Thanksgiving Day and every day.  We all know the holiday season can be stressful.  Take care of yourselves and your loved ones!