Many customers ask us what makes our Full Spectrum CBD rich products better than those without THC. The answer is very simple, trace levels of THC serve a critical function in the entourage effect. When companies claim they offer Full Spectrum “THC Free” CBD, they are being dishonest:

Making a full spectrum CBD Oil without THC is like making orange juice that’s “Vitamin C-free.” It’s not possible. There’s just no way to create a “natural” full spectrum THC free CBD oil. The science involved in extraction and particularly distillation – at this time- just doesn’t work that way. Yes you can extract and isolate molecules then “re-blend” them, but that’s not a natural process.

NEK HEMP’s full spectrum CBD oil does contain trace amounts of THC. Removing THC from the natural plant oils (called THC mitigation) also removes some of the other cannabinoids. It is not possible to only remove THC. Even if it was possible, it is not a good idea since THC itself is beneficial in trace quantities. Science does indicate that high doses of THC may have negative side effects, but when taken with CBD, those negatives are offset.

In fact, CBD and THC use alternative pathways to achieve therapeutic effects. Cannabis is Greater than the Sum of its Parts. The entourage effect is the result of many compounds workly synergistically. For example, compounds work together to provide back-up support, complementary paths to the same outcome, counteracting downsides, increasing bioavailability, and adjusting metabolism for longer effectiveness. Removing THC means losing many of these impactful benefits just to avoid the stigma of THC.

Finally, for those seeking a natural remedy, broad-spectrum is the wrong choice. It requires an extra chemical process in the lab, typically Centrifugal Partition Chromatography. CPC still uses toxic solvents and alters the whole plant extract to be something less than the original. It is an extra step to remove a cannabinoid known to have medical value, just to appease those who demonize THC.


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