I would have to say that the question we get asked most often about CBD is “What’s it good for anyway?”  I always hate to tell people “It’s good for whatever ails you”, but the more I read, hear, and experience about CBD, the more things it seems to be helping people with.  Just in our little corner of the Kingdom I have been gathering stories from people who are using our CBD and having positive effects.  People are reporting that it helps lessen their pain, improves their sleep, reduces their anxiety, helps with achey muscles, and works to relieve the agony of shingles.  We have friends and neighbors who are using our products to fight conditions such as fibromyalgia, MS, arthritis and old age!  Some are even using it in the hopes that it truly helps ward of Alzheimer’s Disease.  The list just continues to grow.

So, I don’t even really feel far off when I find myself saying, “Well, it’s good for almost everything that ails you.”  I also feel pretty confidant advising people to do some research, and not take my word for it.  There is so much information about CBD available.  One of my favorite parts of my role at Northeast Kingdom Hemp is sharing what I know, and helping people find out what they want to know.   So when people come to me and ask, “What’s it good for anyway?”, I can help them find that answer and make a decision that is best for them.  And if that includes trying some NEK Hemp products, well then THAT is good for me!