We hear this concern and sympathize with the sentiment. As a working-class family farm in rural Vermont, we appreciate a good bargain as much as anyone. On the surface, it may seem that CBD production is simple (just grow a weed), but that is far from the case. The best means of growing, extracting, processing, and formulating CBD are costly. Quite simply, the production of Quality CBD is not a cheap process. Our values determine how we run this business and we simply can not accept the option of selling contaminated, low concentration, partial-spectrum, inorganic, unverified CBD. We know that trust is essential for a long term relationship, and that is why we have invested in making CBD the right way. When a customer buys our products, whether a tincture or topical or artisanal flower, they can have confidence they are getting the safest and best CBD on the market. We get third party lab testing to verify potency, terpene profile, and contaminant-free. We have taken the extra steps to certify both our products and processes organic. We have invested in the most efficient CO2 extraction technology to get truly full-spectrum CBD. We have a robust and advanced laboratory to process the CBD to remove bad tastes and odors of chlorophyll and waxes. We will not take short cuts, such as machine trimming or skipping winterization. We will only use the best organic ingredients and methods because quality is our top priority.

Unfortunately, there are also costs associated with CBD that have nothing to do with product quality. Rather, they relate to the evolving legal and economic factors that influence the cost. For example, we need to pay extra for attorney consultations, compliance officers, insurance, credit card processing, and banking. As regulations are more clearly defined and the legal grey areas dissipate, we should see meaningful cost savings. As the market matures, the perceived risk will diminish so that we are charged less by monetary institutions just for being in the CBD business. We intend to pass these savings on to our customers, as we have done by recently lowering some of our prices.

Since starting Northeast Kingdom Hemp in early 2017 we have worked diligently to achieve our goal of producing the highest quality CBD products at a price that more people can afford. We are so appreciative of our loyal customers who have supported us and helped spread the word that quality really does make a difference.


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